Packing Pal© is truly a “dream come true” for any and everyone who travels, vacations or tours and any business whose products and services serve the travel industry. Packing Pal© is a cool, convenient, checklist-reminder card that makes for you that you never forget to pack anything.

Packing Pal© is the best promotional product available for the travel industry and the people and businesses that serve it. As a promotional product, Packing Pal© boosts and expands a company’s brand by providing a value adding utility. For example, below is an image of the “front” of the Packing Pal© card which is replaced by your company’s or organization’s logo, picture, etc. On back of the Packing Pal© card is more than 55 items that are “packed” when leisure traveling, many of which are things that travelers often forget when packing.

The value added component and brand expansion for your company is that your company will be helping your customers through the utility of Packing Pal©. The customers that you provide a Packing Pal© will keep your company’s brand either in their purse, wallet or on their suitcase, always to be reminded of your company’s helpfulness and service which the back of the Packing Pal© card continues to provide to them.

The reminder card is actually the Packing Pal©. It includes a list of more than 55 items that can be forgotten easily that travelers need or should have when packing for one day or more. Packing Pal© is digitally printed on durable plastic with rounded edges which makes it easy to insert into your purse, wallet or suitcase’s name tag. Packing Pal© is the same size as a driver’s license or ATM card, but lighter.

Packing Pal© is an innovative new brand that solves a simple problem. The simple problem that it solves is travelers frequent and sometimes costly forgetfulness to pack something. It helps you to easily and conveniently remember all the needed items to pack when traveling. What is absolutely exceptional is that Packing Pal© can be used as a promotional product, so no more wasting your valuable money on a boring “pen” or something useless. Put your name, your company or organization’s name on a Packing Pal©. And, those that you give your promotional Packing Pal© to will keep it with them in their purse or wallet and use it, thus your name recognition, branding and value stays with them as well.

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