Packing Pal© was founded in the fall of 2010 when founders, Paula and Henry (wife and husband)were traveling back from St. Louis, MO with their then two children from their their fall break family vacation.

The story goes like this, Henry is a Certified Economic Development (CEcD) and works on a number local, regional and state boards and commissions. Thus, he travels. Prior to each trip, Paula would help Henry pack. She would develop  a little list and drill Henry…do you have this, do you have that, remember this, don’t forget that and so on and so on. While packing for one trip Henry says, “lets take your list of packing items and start a little business to help people never forget to pack something when traveling.” They started researching and could not find any list of items needed when traveling in the major retail stores or marketing and promotions companies.

So, Paula researched and developed a complete list of more than 55 items that men and women alike need when traveling, many of which are often forgotten. Meanwhile, Henry worked on the business plan and the company’s operational strategy. The company launched in 2011 after gaining its copyrights and trademark. Packing Pal© is woman owned and minority owned company for those interested.

Packing Pal© company philosophy is to treat each customer like a friend that we have invited for dinner. Our goal is that each customer enjoys their business experience with us and value the products that they purchase from us no matter if its 250, 1,000 or 10,000. Packing Pal© mission is to help travelers enjoy time away from home by remembering to pack all the items they need each time they travel.

Ordering Packing Pal© products is as easy as 1-2-3.  Our turnaround time is super fast, accurate and efficient. Please visit our “How to Order” page and remember that all transactions are PayPal secured and authentic.

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